In & Outbound Call Center

inbound, outbound call centerWe provide efficient, cost effective and innovative call center services in a simplistic, client-friendly and results driven atmosphere. We handle help desk support (including over-flow, after hours and weekends), order-taking, customer service, event registration, centralized hotline and appointment setting services at our high-tech inbound call center. All of our phone professionals will be trained and ready to help your customers when they call. Let us answer your inbound sales calls! Our professional staff can handle all inbound calls, allowing your sales force to stay focused on the appointments, connections, and face-to-face meetings that seal the deal.

Inbound Call Services

Remote Receptionist

No busy lines, no lost opportunities. We will happily take the calls you’re too busy to handle. If you experience an increase in caller traffic, but not enough to warrant additional staff, EBS can answer the overflow calls and process them as your business would, ensuring that you’ll never have another missed opportunity.

Answering Service

Allow us to answer all of your calls, so you can concentrate on the other important aspects of your business; or have us take your after hours and weekend calls so you have peace of mind knowing your customers are still being taken care of.

Help Desk Support

We provide first level technical support, and then escalate Tier 2 calls to your on-call experts. Using our scripting process and your FAQs, our agents can be trained quickly and efficiently on your account; allowing you toll-free technical support for a fraction of the cost of hiring and training your own.

Outbound Call Services


We provide efficient, cost-effective and innovative teleservices in a simplistic, client-friendly, results driven atmosphere. Fund Raising/Charities EBS understands your needs and the importance of the donations you seek. Successful telephone fund raising also demands experienced and caring callers, we will structure a campaign around your special needs and conduct real-time live and electronic monitoring to ensures that every call is completed with attention to your campaign goals.


Gather information from your customers, employees and business partners to get a better understanding of what they like and dislike about your company, products and services.


Extended Business Services can relieve the administrative challenges of servicing your business-to-business credit sales accounts, improving cash collections rate and moving more of your accounts to current and/or within terms. We will meet with you to identify company policy so as to develop a customized best approach to achieve required results. This includes, addressing your customer culture, your cost savings objectives, cash collections from receivables targets and timings to process improvements. This approach will collect past due invoices faster without losing the customer and your company the opportunity for a continued buy-sell business relationship.