We do all the upfront work, so you don’t have to!

Workplace ToolsWe are a full service business solution provider development, telemarketing and lead generation company. We focus on three key areas; increasing SALES, improving SERVICE, and providing SUPPORT to internal and external customers. Lead generation is our primary service and you can’t deny that telemarketing is an extremely cost-effective means to generate new sales leads. There is still no better marketing approach than one-on-one, live communication with your target decision makers. We make those first calls for you, streamlining your sales process and helping you reduce the cost-per-sale. Did you know that 72% of a salesperson’s time is spent trying to find potential customers? We are talking about work time that is spent….before they’ve even identified the lead! That means only 28% of their time is spent on the actual sale – only 28% of their time is actually productive.

You wouldn’t put up with 28% productivity in any other department. You demand higher productivity and lower procurement costs, and Extended Business Services’ lead generation team can get you there.

Not only can telemarketing deliver sales but it is also flexible enough to help with gathering business intelligence, increase effectiveness of other marketing efforts (multi-touch marketing) and allows you to make improvements, refinements and adjustments as you go.

We GUARANTEE our services – we will replace or refund without a hassle!

We couldn’t be more confident in our management team, our agents, our quality processes, our detailed training programs and our deep passion for exceeding expectations, that is why we are the ONLY company in the industry to truly offer a no hassle guarantee to our clients!

With our Pilot Program, You Get A Trial Campaign That Is Actually Affordable.

No Restrictive Contracts and No Long-Term Commitments Needed.

Here’s What You Get, & Much More:

  • A well planned and executed telemarketing service program customized for you
  • Any and all necessary forms
  • Sales Appointments e-mailed or faxed on a daily basis
  • All training for three or more call center specialists
  • High quality appointments — not high volume dialing with automatic dialers
  • Automated email notifications.
  • Toll-Free number set up (if necessary).
  • All local and long-distance fees.

Deliver your message to PEOPLE by PEOPLE.
You can’t beat the impact of a personal touch.

Remember: Teleservices isn’t just about sales. You may want to start with a non-sales approach that focuses on delivering value to the customer and gathering information and feedback from which you can develop future targeted campaigns and make strategic management decisions.

What People Say About Us:

  • “Our business has grown more than 15% each year we have worked [together].”
    James Patrician, VP Insurance Plans Agency
  • “Their professional staff goes that extra mile to make sure I get high quality sales leads.”Jim Smith, Thomas Register
  • “We have acquired some of our most lucrative clients as a result of [their] leads.”
    Elaine Zannini, Admin Asst Conway Financial Group
  • “An extremely cost effective way to both canvas and screen a large number of potential accounts, very quickly.”
    John F. Ramza, President EMSSCO Inc.
  • “Reliable and conscientious in all transactions.”
    Paul Jacobs, Marketing Mgr. Sparkling Spring Water
  • “I love what the EBS Team is providing. It sure helps me out to find the customer leads with real potential. I am anxious to see what we can uncover with the LOST business campaign project. This has beenvery productive thus far.”
    Karen Zima, Director Business Development RoadLink Intermodal Logistics
  • “With each quarter that passes, we continue to dedicate more of our budget toward EBS as they are not just a valuable asset, they have proven themselves to be a critical tool in our continued succeeds in reaching our business and company goals. I have no reservation about recommending Extended Business Services, LLC and will continue to do so.”
    George Bardissi, President Bardissi Enterprises
  • “Your service and execution was well beyond our expectations, and made our program a success. From the beginning, your team was very thorough and proactive by really gaining an understanding our business before launch, knowing what we wanted to achieve, to delivery of service. Our overall experience with EBS was very positve. We really appreciated the attention to detail, and the solid communication and updates during the process. Not only was our initial effort a success, we will certainly be using Extended Business Services for our next campaign!”
    Gary Whitacre, CEO Whitacre Logistics, LLC
  • “Over the last 6 years, Preston Extended Business Services has delivered over 8,700 appointments resulting in over 3.4 million dollars in new business revenue. Preston Extended Business Services has proven to be dependable, and has earned my wholehearted personal recommendation.”
    Bob Ferguson, Telemarketing Director ThomasNet
  • “Nice reporting on the driver survey, really helps us pin-point where we are having issues regarding safety compliance, dispatchers, rates, and lack of communication. We now have accurate information to help us make good management decisions.”
    Midwest Transportation & Logistics Manager
  • “I think you’re responsiveness was fantastic, from the quick program setup to adjusting the campaign as needed. I also felt like the agents were motivated to get the right prospects and get positive results and were not just dialing to‎ get through the list.”
    Yvette Montague, CEO Modern Marketing, Ltd
  • “The quality and effectiveness of our teleservices campaign was great, and your pricing was the most competitive out of all the others we searched.”
    Nicole Aurelio, E-Marketing Specialist Prinova USA