Contact Center

contact center“Once a customer, always a customer” ~ NOT TRUE! Taking the time to follow up frequently and see how your customers are doing, and how the product or service is working out for them is critical to building committed, long-term relationships. It costs 10x’s less to retain an existing customer than it does to replace them! Service shouldn’t stop once they sign on the dotted-line. We’ve developed customized programs dedicated to keeping you in front of your customers, rise above the competition and make your customer experience exceptional in a crowded, multi-channel world.

Customer incentives: Email broadcasts and direct mailing is a great way to show appreciation and offer special discounts and other incentives to keep your customer engaged in your business.

Friendly Reminders: Keep your business fresh in the minds of your valued customers. Let them know you are still around and active and eager to serve.

Surveys & Questionnaires: Be proactive in understanding your customer’s needs and feelings. Based on their feedback your able to respond quickly and accurately to their needs. While the customer is on the line, it is the perfect opportunity for cross-selling/up-selling targeted offers.

Centralized (support) Hotline:Centralize basic support functions, we’ve developed integrated and innovative solutions that deliver quality results, improve efficiency and positively impact bottom line.

Customer Relationship Management: Determine customer behavior, make sound management decisions and execute targeted marketing campaigns.

Retention initiatives: Reducing customer churn, employee and driver turnover should be at the top of your to-do list. In order to succeed at retaining your most valuable assets you need to (a) predict in advance where you are most vulnerable (b) know which actions will have the greatest impact (c) Take action quickly. This is why Extended Business Services developed a program to help you implement targeted proactive retention practices to maximize your chances of reducing turnover and optimizing your action plan.

Transportation & Logistics Capacity Management: Visit our driver care center to learn more about how we can immediately have a positive impact on your capacity plan initiatives!